Clinton or Obama? (updated due to wrong area)?
John Sidney McCain III
2007-09-06 11:50:19 UTC
My previous question was in an incorrect area, so I'm re-posting it here where it should be.

Would you rather see a female or non-white president be elected? If the one you disliked entered office, would you head north to Canada?
Twelve answers:
2007-09-06 12:29:41 UTC
I don't pick candidates based on gender or race, period. I am in support of Sen. Clinton but it has zero to do with the fact that she's a woman.

I would never leave my country, no matter what happened to her. If I didn't like what was happening I'd stay and fight it to the death. Those who claim they will move if Clinton or Obama is elected aren't the kind of Americans I want to live next door to. I'll be happy to help them pack.
2007-09-06 19:01:45 UTC
I know of no one who would leave this country due to the person who gets elected President. Some will make a statement like that but almost no-one actually follows through with it.

Personally I think the brightest, most honest, most dependable, and all in all best candidate should win the Presidency and will be the one to gain my vote.
♥ ♥Be Happi♥ ♥
2007-09-06 19:56:56 UTC
I don't want Hillary, because she is Hillary Clinton, emphasis on the Clinton part. I don't want Obama not because he is black, but because he doesn't have enough experience, yet.

I want a real person, someone who can do this country some good - anyone out there?
2007-09-06 18:58:16 UTC
I don't vote based on race and sex, I vote based on where they stand on the issues.. As much as it pains me to say this I'd rather have Clinton in then Obama... his stances on granting amnesty to illegals... raising taxes, going to war with Iran and Pakistan,,, leaves me wondering what the hell is he thinking... I have researched him carefully.. He is all talk but no action.. Atleast with Hillary in office, as much as I can't stand her... some things will be okay.. I'd really rather not have these two in office... I'm hoping for Ron Paul.... but between these two I'd rather have Clinton
2007-09-06 19:02:52 UTC
I would want to see the right person for the job get the job. So in this case, neither THAT PARTICULAR female nor THAT PARTICULAR non-white person would get the job. If either of those did get elected, forget Canada! I'll commit ritual suicide on the White House lawn.

Although one of those candidates might think so, this is NOT part of a vast right-wing conspiracy.
2007-09-06 18:58:59 UTC
A female, if she was anybody but Hiliary. And if either geot elected I would head to the UK not socialist Canada.
2007-09-06 19:26:16 UTC
I dont care as long as it isnt a super conservative Republican.

I like the Idea of a woman president...a non-white president would be interesting too. I think Hilary is strong, while Obama seems honest (as honest as a politician can be, however...we all know how that goes) And giuliani? Closet liberal. Probably the only rebublican I can stomach. Doesn't mean Ill vote for him

We'd have a better country right now if a Retarded Baby Jackelope was president...

I need to know more....2008 is approaching and we will really gey to see more of them.
2007-09-06 18:55:18 UTC
Obama should be next president, if not then New York should beg Ottawa to join Canada!
2007-09-06 19:02:46 UTC
Best of all options, Hillary President and Obama Vice President. It is time to get away from the older white male president sterotype.
2007-09-06 19:27:41 UTC
I hope Obama gets the nomination instead of Clinton. I am quite sure the republican hate machine will run the nastiest campaign ever if Clinton is nominated(that title is currently in the hands of LBJ, for his ugly run against Goldwater in 1964). Race and gender are not as important as issues and image.
2007-09-06 19:08:01 UTC
well, I really dont trust the Mrs. and obama just strikes me as politcally young,
2007-09-06 19:10:14 UTC
neither, just for the sake of one or the other.

man, you can put almost any other two names up there and my stomach would lurch less.

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